Holy Fire by Alex Grey

Holy Fire by Alex Grey
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Alex Grey

$ 5,000.00

The soul-searching pilgrim arrives on the mountain top, and his kundalini energy, the serpent power, begins to ascend within him. The caduceus or healing staff is internalized. The eye of God in the form of an angelic presence channels heart-opening flames of divine grace into his center, sending his body/mind into a state of God intoxication and mystical shock.Overloaded by ecstasy and the holy fire of God consciousness, the pilgrim’s bodily identity bursts open and is consumed in the transcendental Sun. His dead phallus unites with Kali, the Dark Mother of Time, Birth, and Destruction, in a tantric purification rite. The dark Mother reveals the spiritual core of the pilgrim as a hermaphroditic divine mutant with clarified nondual awareness, a soul bird, an angel or phoenix bestowing gift waves from an open heart.The hero is now renewed and comes down from the mountain to address the people. The people are aspects of himself, reflecting all the moods from anger and doubt to elation and epiphany. The hero has taken the whole earth into his heart as his devotional center. The New Man speaks and acts out of a new alignment and balance of heaven and earth in order to heal the people and the planet.

Edition: 25

Dimensions: 66.6" x 44"

Medium: Giclee on Canvas

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