Hans Haveron & The Queen of Diamonds

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Hans Haveron

Queen of Diamondsby Hans Haveron

Hans Haveron is an internationally recognized visual artist, body artist, and muralist. With a career 21 years in the making, Hans has brought his dream-like, ethereal figures to galleries, environments, and festivals around the world, including Lightning in a Bottle in California.

 Hans Haveron painting at LIB 2011. Photo by Greg Peterson

It was at LIB 2011 that Haveron’s live painted his classic, ”Queen of Diamonds”, and sparked a bidding war during the Lightning in a Paintcan auction. The final buyer waited until the last 30 seconds on the clock to place the winning bid of $8,050. Purchased by a key player of Facebook’s Menlo Park team, the massive 10'x5' painting was transported to its new home on the buyer’s tour bus. Once there, the painting ascended via crane to up to his high-end San Fransisco loft . 

A party at the loft with the buyer's Facebook friends inspired them to invite Hansto Menlo Park Headquarters to paint a mural  in Zuckerberg’s office building after seeing the painting. In building 16 of Menlo Park HQ you will find the "Motherboard" large mural , also featuring murals from artist David Choe and Jonathan Matas.


Hans' mural depicting an Android at Facebook headquarters. 

The “Queen of Diamonds” owner has since moved to China. The canvas was taken off the frame, rolled up, and shipped it to Beijing China where it now lives. The following two photos show the painting as it was in San Fransisco, the other, its current home China.

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